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The Carbide tools blade is a universal base plate that allows the use of various carbide tools.

The carbide tools blade with these tools is used at the maintenance and construction of gravel roads where it is necessary to peel the old surface. Carbide studs mounted on the tine blade work like small cages that make it easier to loosen and peel old pavements. Such a method helps to reduce the compressive force required from the machine used, which in turn means lower energy consumption and therefore ultimately results in significant economic efficiency. In addition, in most cases it is not necessary to “pre-loose” the old road surface (with a rear cultivator for example), which reduces the number of additional passes.
In very severe ice conditions, the carbide tools blade is also used for de-icing and snow removal.
As mentioned above, it is possible to use various carbide tools on this blade. The sharp tool — Art. 639858, TER-H4701-23, most commonly used as it has very good drilling properties. A “blunt” pin is available for lighter pavement Art. 639863, TOM-H03-30.
NB! The tine blades are available with different cutting angles — 25 ° for graders and 45 ° for trucks (underbody plow). For the Finnish market, we have also produced stud blades with a 37 ° cutting angle, and if necessary, we can thermal-treat (harden) the products, which ensures their higher wear resistance and thus even longer service life.

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