„Notification of Company Name Change“


AS Grader Service has had over 20 years of successful business in Estonia and Scandinavia. All that thanks to our partners and we are thankful for that. To further improve our customer service and to harmonize and streamline our business quality, we have decided to re-organize and consolidate the company structure.

AS Grader Service will establish subsidiary OÜ Grader Service Tootmine on 01.January 2015. Which means that OÜ Grader Service Tootmine will take over and all the business from AS Grader Service. Existing contracts, purchase orders or any other agreements will automatically be transferred to OÜ Grader Service Tootmine.

All our contact data (phone numbers, email and delivery addresses), remains the same.

From 01. January 2015 please pay attention to the new references on the invoice.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the transfer.

With best regards

Urmas Grauen, CEO AS Grader Service

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