Come and see our production at Winter Road Congress in Jyväskylä on January 21 and 22, 2014  at stand C 265!

We have made new gravel stop which is much lighter and smaller  than the previous one. It will be soon on testing and after that on production for everybody to order. We will post some pictures soon.

AS Grader Service has had over 20 years of successful business in Estonia and Scandinavia. All that thanks to our partners and we are thankful for that. To further improve our customer service and to harmonize and streamline our business quality, we have decided to re-organize and consolidate the company structure.

AS Grader Service will establish subsidiary OÜ Grader Service Tootmine on 01.January 2015. Which means that OÜ Grader Service Tootmine will take over and all the business from AS Grader Service. Existing contracts, purchase orders or any other agreements will automatically be transferred to OÜ Grader Service Tootmine.

All our contact data (phone numbers, email and delivery addresses), remains the same.

From 01. January 2015 please pay attention to the new references on the invoice.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the transfer.

With best regards

Urmas Grauen, CEO AS Grader Service

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gravelstop is an old tool with a new and more effective design.
With gravelstop you will not lose as much fillings as you would lose without the gravelstop!
Even better is that you do not have to make several bypasses and you get straight edge right away.


GravelStop, gravel, stop. Grader upgrade, buldozer, upgrade. GravelStop, gravel, stop. Grader upgrade, buldozer, upgrade.

Find out more about Gravelstop HERE

23-26. December – closed,

30. December – 1.January – closed.

Thanks for the cooperation! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Silindriliste paladega kõvasulamtera

Otsid lumesahale tera mis on väga vastupidav, suurepärase lõikevõimega ning samas säästab teekatet ja -märgistust?

Siin ta on – Grader Service Tootmine OÜ poolt toodetav silindriliste paladega kõvasulamtera! See meie toode on populaarseim Soome teehooldusettevõtete seas. Ja just nüüd on ka sinul õige aeg proovida ära selle tera parimad omadused, sest kuni 30.novembrini 2018.a. kestab antud toote tutvumiskampaania “Iga viies tasuta!”.

Saadaval on:
Art. 400121 – pikkus 610 mm
Art. 400122 – pikkus 792 mm
Art. 400123 – pikkus 915 mm
Art. 400124 – pikkus 1220 mm
Art. 400125 – pikkus 1525 mm

Dear business partner!

We would like to inform You that Grader Service Tootmine LLC have simplified (shortened) his business name.

From 12th of November 2018 there is valid a new name – Grader Service LLC

All another company data stays the same i.e.:

Grader Service OÜ

Hoiu 6, Laagri

76401 Harjumaa


VAT No. EE101763615

Company ID 12759919



Also, You do not need to worry about the contracts, liabilities, warranties, etc. – they all valid.

We’re giving our best efforts to avoid any big troubles and the mess because of the change mentioned above. We do hope for Your patient, understanding and continious successful cooperation.

Dear customers!

We started to provide for You possibility to rent the bucket for period when we’re renovating Your’s. At the moment there is available grading bucket produced by Agrimet OÜ, model KPL-185.95 with NTP10 quick coupling (cutting edge width 1960cm, weight 820 kg).

As we started operating with our new CNC plasma cutting unit, we can provide our customers more flexibility and quicker fulfilling the orders. It means that our customers can get the details from Hardox and/or from other metal (we have available in stock) within 1 – 2 days! You’re welcome to make an inquiries by telephone + 372 52 82 422 or e-mail:

Send an inquiry